5 years 9 weeks ago - Many women have spent more time and money than they'd like to admit in an effort to find the perfect shade of lipstick. The holy grail in this quest is often a really gorgeous red that works with... Read More
5 years 10 weeks ago - Heart disease is the gradual buildup of cholesterol, fat and other substances, known collectively as plaque, along the walls of the arteries. Over time, this buildup can restrict and eventually... Read More
5 years 11 weeks ago - The common cold affects millions of people each year. The cause, a rhinovirus, affects the upper respiratory tract of the cold sufferer. Symptoms range from headache, sinus pain, runny nose,... Read More
5 years 11 weeks ago - Reactions from food allergies range from unpleasant to potentially fatal—with the possibility that a minor incident can develop into a trip to the emergency room. ... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - Since when did breakfast get to be so complicated? It used to be that when it came to buying eggs at the market, one simply had to decide on size (medium, large or extra large) and color (white or... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - We live in a culture of over-consumption. From a young age, we’re taught that bigger is better. But this mentality of always wanting more has hurt our nation’s collective waistline. We eat for... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - Do you have a busy life? We know how tricky it can be to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, especially when you so have so many responsibilities. Between work and family and friends and errands and... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - New research is showing links between existing scarring and inflammation in certain areas of the brain that regulate the body’s weight, leading to a potential explanation as to why so many people... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - A kettlebell is a weight made of cast-iron and shaped (as its name would suggest) not unlike an old-fashioned, looped-handle teakettle.  For centuries they’ve been used by professional athletes... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - A new study led by a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and published this week in the journal Nature, finds that a recently detected hormone... Read More

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