5 years 7 weeks ago - Hypertension is an elevation of the blood pressure consistently above 140/90 mmHg. This puts a strain on the on the heart, as it needs to pump harder to get the blood moving. ... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - Pancakes make mornings good, but pumpkin pancakes make mornings amazing. Try these gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free pumpkin-tastic treats, filled with fiber and beta-carotene, and start your day off... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - This fried “rice” is made using konnyaku, a high fiber product invented in Japan and derived from konjac yams. It has a similar texture to rice, but none of its calories or sugars. Konnyaku can... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - These cookies are loaded with fiber and beneficial oils like omega 3s. But you won’t be thinking of how good they are for you as you’re devouring these naturally sweetened treats that are good... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - Coconut yogurt is easy to make at home, and is full of healthy fats. Use it to make this dairy-free power smoothie packed with fiber, omega oils and antioxidants. Feel free to add any other berry... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - Yogurt is a fantastic source of probiotics and nutrients. For people with dairy and soy sensitivities, however, yogurt is usually not an option. But it’s easy to make non-dairy and non-soy yogurt... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - It can be so tempting to step out of the office every day and grab lunch from a nearby restaurant. The expense can add up quickly, though, and you often end up eating larger portions and less... Read More

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