Food For Weight Loss

5 years 7 weeks ago - Hypertension is an elevation of the blood pressure consistently above 140/90 mmHg. This puts a strain on the on the heart, as it needs to pump harder to get the blood moving. ... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - "If you've ever used salt and pepper on your food, you already know how to use Sensa - it's that simple." - Sensa Weight-Loss Systems ... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - Weight Watches was rated #1 best plan for weight loss by U.S. News & World Report in 2011.  The Basics A keyword in the Weight Watchers program is “PointsPlus”.  Each participant is given... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - No cooking. No clean up. At the very most, pop Nutrisystem meals in the microwave or just add water (and stir). What's better is that Nutrisystem ships their well-balanced, portion controlled... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - Perhaps your goal weight is just a few pounds away – they say this is the hardest weight to lose – or maybe you're experiencing every dieters nightmare, a plateau, when you wake up each morning... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - What do you think of when you hear the word “diet”? Do you get anxious thinking about numbers on a scale and hunger pains? Do you get excited thinking about crazy workouts in the gym and new... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - Why It Works: There’s NO counting. (Other than the pounds that will disappear!) With a personalized weekly plan to use as guidance, participants keep track of their daily intake by simply... Read More
5 years 13 weeks ago - The basic premise of the Paleo Diet is this: If the cavemen didn’t eat it, neither should you. But there are a lot of myths surrounding the diet that, under scrutiny, just don’t hold up. ... Read More
5 years 27 weeks ago - Medifast has been recommended by over 20,000 physicians since 1980 as a successful weight loss program. In a 2011 special weight loss issue of People magazine, Denise Giesbers shared her Medifast... Read More
5 years 27 weeks ago - Featured (and doctor approved) on the Dr. Oz Show; hCG injections are FDA approved. ... Read More

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