Benefits Of A Cleanse

A popular cleanse involves lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup.

Cleanses are steeped in controversy, from disgruntled past-juicers to the medical community itself. Yet they remain an enduring fad in the diet world, pulling in everyone from Beyonce to the bride-to-be next door. While most attempt the detox diet as a quick way to lose a few pounds, there are other perpetuated health benefits that keep detoxing in the mainstream, including: clearer skin, body purification and a sense of wellbeing.

Feedback Proves To Be A Mixed Bag

Most of the support around juice cleansing is anecdotal, but also emphatic. Esther Zimmerman, a writer, describes her first experience with juice:

“It cost $9 for this drink — nine dollars for a juice! a price I would once have laughed at but now consider a bargain...But the juice tasted like something else. Food but not-food. And this was just after one sip…the juice made me feel high.”

After just one juice, it’s clear to see how this spiraled into an addiction for Zimmerman, and into a massive trend for millions of juice-fasters all over the world.

After several days trying the Blueprint Cleanse, one test subject reported better sleep, glowing skin, lessened pain and the loss of nearly ten pounds, (half of which was later gained back).

A reporter from the New York Times describes the third day of the same cleanse as hallucinatory: “I felt rather lithe and long-limbed, like a gibbon. I also felt a kind of shimmering on the surface of my skin, as excess weight worked its way out of my pores and escaped my body.” This endorphin high is common in fasts, and a major reason people return.

Celebrity Endorsed And Produced Cleanses

Beyonce tried the Master Cleanse (lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup mixed with water) and lost 20 pounds for her role in Dreamgirls. She gained the weight back almost immediately and would not recommend the experience to others, saying she was irritable and unhappy throughout.

However, celebs like Salma Hayek and Gwenyth Paltrow both offer their own cleanse for sale, and others like Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively are devotees of the occasional juice cleanse, creating a very attractive model to follow.

Reasons For A Juice Cleanse

Some fast to encourage spiritual growth via cleansing the body. One such guru advocates the frequently reported effect of a “clearer mind”, easing emotional responses and supporting the focus necessary for meditation and prayer.

A cleanse can also simply encourage you to listen to your body; becoming more aware of its natural cues for hunger and cravings, rather than eating mindlessly.

Cleanse Conclusions

Ultimately, no sound scientific evidence exists that extracted juices are healthier than those you get by eating the fruit or vegetable itself, according to Dr. Jennifer Nelson of the Mayo Clinic.

Just remember thatall positive support for juice cleanses and detoxes comes from anecdotal evidence of participants, and any long-term effects are speculated to be caused by the exclusion of processed or unhealthy foods for the duration of the cleanse.

A universal reason requiring no evidence, however, is that juicing can be an easy way to get the nutrients from fruits and veggies you don’t like. Either way, a short term fast that’s cleared by your physician is likely fine, and a good start to incorporating more produce into your diet.

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