4 years 34 weeks ago - Liquid calories are empty calories, and alcoholic drinks are doubly so. But don’t spend an entire party fretting over what drinks will bust your diet; instead, know ahead of time which drinks to... Read More
5 years 7 weeks ago - Hypertension is an elevation of the blood pressure consistently above 140/90 mmHg. This puts a strain on the on the heart, as it needs to pump harder to get the blood moving. ... Read More
5 years 10 weeks ago - Heart disease is the gradual buildup of cholesterol, fat and other substances, known collectively as plaque, along the walls of the arteries. Over time, this buildup can restrict and eventually... Read More
5 years 11 weeks ago - Reactions from food allergies range from unpleasant to potentially fatal—with the possibility that a minor incident can develop into a trip to the emergency room. ... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - If you’ve ever downed an energy drink you’ve consumed vitamin B2. If you’ve ever eaten nutritional yeast, you’ve had a dose of vitamin B12. And if you’ve taken folic acid supplements youâ... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - "If you've ever used salt and pepper on your food, you already know how to use Sensa - it's that simple." - Sensa Weight-Loss Systems ... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - Weight Watches was rated #1 best plan for weight loss by U.S. News & World Report in 2011.  The Basics A keyword in the Weight Watchers program is “PointsPlus”.  Each participant is given... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - No cooking. No clean up. At the very most, pop Nutrisystem meals in the microwave or just add water (and stir). What's better is that Nutrisystem ships their well-balanced, portion controlled... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - Perhaps your goal weight is just a few pounds away – they say this is the hardest weight to lose – or maybe you're experiencing every dieters nightmare, a plateau, when you wake up each morning... Read More
5 years 12 weeks ago - What do you think of when you hear the word “diet”? Do you get anxious thinking about numbers on a scale and hunger pains? Do you get excited thinking about crazy workouts in the gym and new... Read More

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