Best Workout Clothes For Your Body

Women have so many sartorial decisions to make. Pulling together one wardrobe for the office, one for ferrying the kids to their activities on the weekend and keeping some dressy pieces to pull out for the occasional event can be daunting. So let us make your life easier on at least one front: What to wear to the gym. Here are a few essential pieces of workout wear that every woman should own, available in a range of sizes and colors to suit your body and your style.

Sports Bra

Ah, the most indispensible item in your workout wardrobe. You may be surprised to hear that there have been studies on how breasts move during exercise. It turns out breasts don't just move up and down during exercise, they also move side to side, and traditional compression-style sports bras just don't cut it, especially for large-busted women.
Sports bras with separated cups for each breast are the safest way to go. They offer better support, and cut down on the multi-directional movement that can cause pain.
The Enell compresses, encapsulates and comes in four neutral shades. It is a perennial favorite of larger-busted women and comes in average and plus sizes.
For smaller busted ladies, Moving Comfort's popular Luna is an encapsulation-style bra that wicks moisture and offers support rated for a high-intensity workout.

Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants: They're not just for yoga anymore. This is a must-have, super versatile addition to your wardrobe. Sure, they're ideal for your hot yoga class. They're soft and easy to wear, allow you a full range of movement and move with you to ensure you'll be covered and comfortable, no matter how you twist and turn.

The bonus, though, is that they're polished enough, so you can pop into the grovery store on the way to the gym without having to dodge your neighbors.

Lululemon's astro pants are a bit spendy, but they're durable, wick away moisture and feature a discreet pocket for cards and keys. Gap's Athleta Bala pants come in a wide range of sizes, including plus, tall and petite, in addition to regular sizes and three neutral shades.


A t-shirt that breathes and wicks moisture away to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout is another must. Consider layering an athletic tank underneath to help keep you dry and give you the option to strip down as your workout heats up.
Old Navy's Women's Plus Active Moisture-Wicking Tees feature seams engineered to prevent chafing, extra length so you're always comfortable stretching and bending and a couple of bright, fun colors, in addition to the usual black and white. Plus, they are super affordable.
Nike's Loose Tri-Blend T-Shirt is lightweight, features Nike's Dri-FIT fabric to keep you dry and is a generous length. It also comes in six colors, including some neutral shades and a tennis-ball-green hue that's sure to get you noticed.

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