Amber M.


Amber Materna is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Materna has worked for both nationally and regionally circulated publishing companies. When she's not writing or editing, she spends way too much time thinking about how the Internet influences millennial culture, and how to stay grounded in an increasingly digital environment. 

Ariana Espiritu

Ariana Espiritu

Ariana Espiritu is the Assistant Editor of Consumer Brands and a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. She currently resides in Southern California, where she can be found falling out of yoga poses and compulsively crafting.

Jen Matteis


Jen Matteis is a freelance writer and copy editor based in Corvallis, Oregon. Jen grew up in Connecticut but moved to Oregon in 2011; she currently works for publications on both the East and West coasts. Much of her time is spent writing on environmental topics for The Corvallis Advocate, a weekly alternative newspaper in her hometown. She also continues to write for Shore Publishing, a group of community newspapers based in Connecticut where she formerly served as assistant editor.

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Allie Castro

Allison Castro

Allie is a freelance writer in California. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in English, and learned that water will freeze instantaneously on the ground when it's cold enough, Ulysses isn't as scary as it is awesome, and wearing Dodger gear in the Midwest can be a polarizing thing. When she's not writing she's reading, watching movies, working out at the gym (while probably wishing she was not at the gym), or trying to teach her dog to stop stubbornly refusing to "come here" when requested.

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Carolyn Hillgren

Carolyn Hillgren

Carolyn Hillgren was born in Orange County and has lived in San Diego since she was three years old. In May 2013, Carolyn will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California. Carolyn has grown up playing all sports but was fortunate enough to play indoor Volleyball for two years at USC, and to also train with the USC Women's Sand Volleyball Team. Carolyn looks forward to starting her career come May 2013!

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Eliza Martinez

Eliza is a professional researcher currently applying her skills freelance writing near and far across the Internet, while making time for eating, traveling and combining the two.

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Andrew Mueth


Andrew was born and raised in Saint Louis, which meant Cards games at the old Busch Stadium, speed boats on the Lake of the Ozarks, and the Imo's Pizza across from Forest Park. He attended Georgetown University, where he studied English, History, and Ultimate Frisbee. He also learned about boat shoes, and that rowing is a sport but it's called "Crew." He now lives in Los Angeles, writing and trying not to think about the smog. He visits Saint Louis whenever he can because he just can't figure out how to make meatloaf like his mother does.

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Jennifer Gaudet

Jenn headshot_8.jpg

Jenn has publishing experience as a writer and editor, in print and online media. In the past, she has produced content for lifestyle publications such as Orange Coast Magazine, Cottages and Bungalows Magazine and Romantic Homes Magazine.

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Eli Blahut, B.S., C.P.T


Eli J. Blahut, B.S. & C.P.T. is an Elite Health and Fitness Coach, bodybuilding champion, fitness model, and co-founder of Team Physique.  He has helped many people get into the best shape of their life and continues to inspire individuals to lead a healthful more rewarding life. "Dream. Visualize. Create."  Eli can be contacted at

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Meredith Levick

meredith levick_22.jpg

Meredith Levick is a writer and editor with extensive experience in content development and working in marketing and sales. A graduate of Northwestern University, she started her career in corporate America at Forbes Inc. and American Express with a focus on effective project management and building successful client relationships. She worked abroad in Argentina in the communications and translation arenas and is fluent in Spanish.

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